Just for fun

Here are a list of football questions from our recent Lochar Newsletter. Remember its just for fun but have a go and see how well you know your sports.....

1.  How many players are in a hockey team?

2.  What was the first city in the Southern Hemisphere to host the Olympic Games?

3.  In golf how many strokes would you have to take at a par 4 to get an albatross?

4.  Who was Britains first million pound footballer?

5.  What is the national sport of Japan?

6.  What type of racing has only two cars competing on the track at the same time?

7. The winner of which sporting event is awarded the "Venus Rose Water Dish"?

8. How many yards wide is a football goal?

9. In horse racing which three racecourses stage the five English "classics"?

10. What was the world record official attendance at the 1950 football world cup final?


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